Grape Maturity

  • Botrytis and laccase activity
  • Yeast assimilable nitrogen
  • Alpha amino nitrogen, ammonia
  • Gluconic acid
  • Ochratoxin A in grapes and wine
  • Sugar analysis and hydrometry

Winechek can support your winemaking process from the vineyard with maturity analysis, nutritional levels and glucose/fructose measured separately.  Once the fermentation has commenced analysis is available to support yeast health during fermentation.

TestSample Size
Grape Maturity Testing – pH, TA, Be10 Bunches
Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen –YAN50mL
Botrytis (Laccase)50mL
Malic Acid50mL
Pectin Testing50mL
Yeast Cell Counts – Haemocytometer20mL
Glucose/Fructose (separated)50mL