Bottling Analysis / Fault Finding

  • Pre and post bottle
  • Cold stability
  • Bentotrials
  • CMC/Mannoprotein trials
  • Dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Haze and deposit analysis

Winechek have the tools and expertise here to help with stabilisation of your wine. We can help identify problems with protein, tartrate and colour stability and offer assistance with product trials and fining to save you time and money.

Stability / FiltrationSample Size
Cold Tartrate Stability – TSAT50mL
DIT – Degree Tartrate Instability %200mL
ISTCT50 – Critical Tartaric Stability Index200mL
Mannoprotein Trials750mL
Haze/Deposit Examination750mL
Turbidity (NTU)50mL
Heat (Protein) Stability100mL
Bentonite Trial (6 trial rates)750mL
Calcium Tartrate Stability100mL
Filterability Index750mL
Colour / Spectrophotometer 
Pinking Susceptibility & Precursors50mL
Sorbic Acid50mL
Pectin content50mL
Colour Hue & Intensity50mL