We are accredited by NATA to International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and approved by Wine Australia to carry out export analysis. We require two bottles of finished wine for testing for…
We do all the routine analysis for grapes, juice and throughout the process of winemaking. As you can see we have quite an extensive list of analysis but we are…
Winemaking is essentially a microbial process which we generally monitor by chemical analysis. However under certain circumstances useful information can be obtained by performing microbiological analysis .  
CMC & Mannoprotein cold stability testing via the Stabilab We are the only laboratory in Australia offering a fast reliable assessment of the cold stability of wine for CMC (Celstab,…
4-Ethyl phenol(4-EP) has sensory descriptors like "smokey" or "medicinal" whereas 4-Ethyl guaiacol has been described as "clovelike" or "spicy". The smell in wine can vary dramatically depending on the varietal…


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