Chemical Analysis

We do all the routine analysis for grapes, juice and throughout the process of winemaking.

As you can see we have quite an extensive list of analysis but we are always investigating new ways to perform our current tests better and adding new analyses to our repetoire.

If there are tests that you need or think we should investigate then pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Please our sample stickers to label your sample. You can despatch samples to us either by utilising our Pickup service or Express Reply Paid Post service

Test Sample Size
pH 50mL
Titratable Acidity 50mL
Free Sulphur dioxide 50mL
Total Sulphur dioxide 50mL
Alcohol 750mL
Residual Sugar (Glucose/Fructose) 50mL
Malic acid 50mL
Volatile Acidity (Acetic acid) 50mL
Ascorbic Acid 50mL
Turbidity (NTU) 50mL
Cold (Tartrate) stability Tsat 100mL
Heat (Protein) stability 50mL
Pinking susceptibility 50mL
Bentonite trial 750mL and 10g Bentonite
Yeast assimilable nitrogen 50mL
Laccase 50mL
Glucans 50mL
Pectins 50mL
SG/Density/Brix/Baume 250mL
Citric Acid 10mL
Sorbic acid 10mL
Copper 50mL
Iron 50mL
Calcium 50mL
Potassium 50mL
Sodium 50mL
4-ethyl phenol/4-ethyl guiaicol 50mL
Haze/Deposit examination 750mL
Filterability Index 750mL
Dissolved Oxygen 750mL
Glycerol 50mL
Succinic Acid 50mL
Calcium Tartrate Stability 50mL
Colour Hue & Intensity 50mL
Dissolved Carbon Dioxide 2 x 750mL
DIT% cold stability trial 200mL
ISCT50 cold stability confirmation 200mL
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