CMC & Mannoprotein cold stability testing via the Stabilab

We are the only laboratory in Australia offering a fast reliable assessment of the cold stability of wine for CMC (Celstab, Vinostab), Mannoprotein (Mannostab) and electrodialysis use via the Stabilab. The methods are suitable for the assessment of any additive or winery process to achieve cold stability and is only available at our Busselton laboratory.

We have two types of analysis;

DIT% test which determines how unstable a wine is and how much treatment a wine might require to achieve stability.

ISTC50 test which confirms whether a wine is stable after treatment.

Both tests require a minimum sample volume of 200mL each of near to bottle ready wine and the results are available a day after receipt.

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Please our sample stickers to label your sample. You can despatch samples to us either by utilising our Pickup service or Express Reply Paid Post service

For more detailed information see our article published in the December 2010 issue of the Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker & Tartrate Stabilty

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