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Experience laboratory-level accuracy on the go with the Winechek Absorbance One. Breaking away from the conventional centralized equipment model, this device boasts a minimal footprint and an affordable price, ensuring accessibility to users everywhere. Specifically crafted for wine analysis, the Winechek Absorbance One serves as your portable and decentralized cuvette photometer.

Read more about the Winechek Absorbance One here.

Product includes:

  • 1 x Absorbance once
  • 1 x Transferpette® S, 10µl<100µl
  • 1 x Transferpette® S, 100µl<1000µl
  • 1 x Vintessential Enzymatic Glucose/Fructose kit
  • 1 x Vintessential Enzymatic Malic kit
  • 1 x Vintessential Enzymatic Acetic kit
  • 1 x Kim Wipes
  • 1 x box of 2-4ml cuvettes (100 pack)
  • 1 x 12 place cuvette holder
  • 1 x roll of parafilm, 100mm x 38m
  • 1 x pipette tip rack with tips for 200µl tips (96 hole)
  • 1 x pipette tip rack with tips for 1000µl tips (100 hole)


Nata accredited
Unparalleled Confidence with NATA Accreditation
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