Preparing and Sending Samples

Preparing and Sending Samples

Use the Free Winechek EasyTest Sample System to send your samples to your nearest laboratory. This system has been designed to make sending test samples simple, while protecting your sample integrity.

The Winechek EasyTest Sample Kit includes:

- 50mL sample vials

- Pre-printed test selection labels

- Pre-printed Reply Paid Address labels

How to use your Winechek Easy Test Sample System:

1. Fill Sample Vial

- Fill the sample vial, close the lid firmly and check for leaks. If leaks occur, some adhesive tape around the top can help.

- For a number of different tests on one sample, more than one vial may be required. Sample size is noted in each test. For some testing it may be necessary to send a full bottle.

- Fermenting Samples: The sample vials are rated to 2 bar pressure. To ensure your sample’s integrity, do not send wine that is fermenting! If necessary, add SO2 to stop the fermentation.

2. Select Tests Required

- Write sample details onto pre-printed test selection label, tick the test/s required, and stick to vial.

- If you do not have enough labels, or need more space, you can include a note with your samples, or email us:

3. Sending Samples

- Pack samples securely – padded envelopes or foam boxes are recommended.

- If sending more than one package, tape them together to ensure they arrive together.

- Australia Post have requested that customers do not send glass containers unless in a foam pack. If a breakage does occur then Australia Post will hold the sender liable for damage to any other postal items.

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