Quality Assurance

NATA accreditation is ideal for laboratories whose customers require confidence in the laboratories results.

Our laboratories are audited and accredited by NATA to International Standards.

We maintain our internal systems and ensure the quality of our results via numerous ways, including:

The use of quality control procedures allows monitoring of tests and gives an indication that testing is under control.
Calibration data is analysed for trends.
Proficiency testing/interlab comparison allows a facility to benchmark performance.
Inclusion of reference materials with batches of samples allows expected results to be observed.
Repeat testing of shelf stable samples allows comparison of results.
Comparison of results of tests for different characteristics of a test item allows unusual results to be identified.
Routine auditing of our systems, processes and staff training.
Winechek Tasmania offers NATA accredited analysis available through Winechek laboratories.
Scientist recording the results of the study in a laboratory journal
Nata accredited
Unparalleled Confidence with NATA Accreditation
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