Discrete Analyzer Chemwell2910

The completely automatic way to perform hundreds of wine analyses in an hour.

Built-in the US and the popular choice for American wineries, the Vintessential Chemwell discrete analyser has been re-programmed for dedicated use with our test kits.

Smart Software
The software automatically manages each assay separately so that multiple assays can be processed on the same plate even if they have different timings, reagents and reading modes
  • Samples: Removable rack holds 96 serum vials or 12x75mm tubes, with on-board pre-dilution
  • Reagents: Standard Racks hold 27 to 44 bottles, with assorted custom rack available
  • Reaction Plate: Standard 96-well microplates or strip trays
Optical Performance
  • Linear Range: 0.0 to 3.0A
  • Filters: Long life IAD
  • Wavelengths: 340, 405, 450, 505, 545, 600, 630, 700 or custom
Liquid Handling
  • Volumes: From 2uL to 1.95mL with precision better that 2% CV, single and multi-dispense
  • Probe: Detects liquid surface. Automatic washing and rinsing
  • Strip Washer: 8-probe manifold. Two wash buffers on board
Calculation Modes
  • Single and multi-calibrator Curve storage
  • Linear and point-to-point Curve editing
  • Linear and non-regressions Levey-Jennings plots
  • Log-logit, cubic spline Cut-off calculations
  • Dimensions: 86cm W x 51cm L x 40cm H. Approx. weight = 35kg
  • Power: 100-250VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Connectivity:USB port and cable supplied

Factsheet: SO2 Chemwell 2910

Vintessential Chemwell Discrete Analyser Product Data Sheet

Nata accredited
Unparalleled Confidence with NATA Accreditation
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