Discrete Analyzer Winery Pro

The new Vintessential WineryPro is a new and improved version of the Chemwell-T and now comes pre-programmed for use with Vintessential Test Kits.

It is a compact and efficient automated chemistry analyser, offering the oenologist reliable performance and accurate results. Built in the US, it has been re-programmed for dedicated use with Vintessential Test Kits: the only ones made in our own laboratories exclusively for the wine industry.

Smart Software
Vintessential Test Kit methods are pre-programmed, including reagent and calibrator definitions and test flows
  • Samples: Typically 20 including calibrations and controls on the standard integrated rack
  • Reagents: Maximum of six 15ml bottles; six 8ml bottles; sixteen 4ml bottles
Optical Performance
  • Linear Range: 0.0 to 3.0A
  • Wavelengths: 340, 405, 505, 545, 580, 630
Liquid Handling
  • Volumes: From 2uL to 400uL
  • Capabilities: Dilution; pre-dilution; dispensation of single or multiple reagents
  • Dimensions: 53cm Width x 50cm Depth x 40cm Height.
  • Approx. weight < 15kg

Factsheet: SO2 WineryPro

Vintessential WineryPro Discrete Analyser Product Data Sheet

What are the main benefits of the WineryPro?

Nata accredited
Unparalleled Confidence with NATA Accreditation
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