Ebulliometer, Thermometer, Dig

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Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron have developed the DS TEMP, a precision thermometer with the latest technology. It replaces the mercury thermometer for ebulliometer. There is less risk of breakage and mercury can be banned at the laboratory. Reading the temperature is also much easier.
Supplied with rubber gasket to place the probe on the boiler of ebulliometer.


• High precision and repeatability on the temperature range needed for the use of ebulliometer

• Low foot-print

• Easy-to-use

• Auto-off feature (30 minutes)

• 1 button (ON/OFF)

Technical characteristics

• Measure range : 80°C to +110°C

• Resolution : +/-0,01°C

• Accuracy: +/-0,03°C

• Probe : Pt1000 4 wires, cable 700 mm

• Stainless steel end, 110mm

• LCD 5 digits 12mm high

• Power supply : 3 batteries AA (1,5V)

• Protection class : IP54

Nata accredited
Unparalleled Confidence with NATA Accreditation
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