Sulfur Dioxide Starter Pack

This apparatus is used to measure Sulfur Dioxide using the traditional aspiration/oxidation method.

Apparatus Module 4S715

1 Adaptor, condenser to pear flask, B24 2A011
1 Adaptor, pear flask to condenser, S13 2A012
1 Adaptor, pear flask to vacuum, B14 2A013
1 Bubbler, flat bottom flask,B14 2B250
1 Bubbler, pear flask, B14 2B260
1 Clamp, B24, conical joint, plastic 2C020
1 Clamp, S13, ball joint, stainless steel 2C010
1 Condenser, Inland Revenue, 1m coil, B24, with tubing 2C210
1 Flask, pear, flat base, two necks, 50mL 2F410
1 Flask, round, flat bottom, two necks, 100mL 2F430

Accessories Module 4S720

1 Burner, Bunsen LPG 2B500
2 Clamp, bosshead 2C050
2 Clamp, 4 prong, plastic coated 2C085
1 Dispenser, Kipps, 10mL, B24 2D010
1 Flask, conical, 250 mL, B24 top 2F122
1 Flowmeter, bubble, 100mL, with tubing 2F650
1 Manometer, water, with tubing 2M010
1 Pipette, volumetric, Class B, 20mL 2P320
1 Pump, vacuum, electric (Valve included) 2P610
2 Stand, retort, 600mm 2S305
1 Clamp, burette, double 2C070

Reagents Module 4S725

1 Hydrogen peroxide, 30%, 500mL 1H505
1 Indicator, Mixed, for SO2, 125mL 1M125
1 Phosphoric acid, 25%, (orthophosphoric acid) 500mL 1P050
1 Sodium hydroxide, 0.100M, 1000mL 1S510

Titration Module 4T830

1 Beaker, plastic, 100mL 2B131
1 Beaker, plastic, 250mL 2B132
1 Bottle, wash, distilled water, 500mL 2B196
1 Burette, Dr. Schilling, 25mL 2B425
1 Water, distilled 1W002


The following services/equipment are required to operate this kit:

- Water tap with adaptor

- Sink / drain

- Gas (if natural gas different Bunsen burner required)

Click here to view a labelled image of the assembled apparatus.

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