Tip: Cuvettes - a closer look at a common consumable

You use them every day for your enzymatic analysis and probably don’t think too much about them. But the quality and correct use of your disposable cuvettes are critically important for ensuring accurate enzymatic or colorimetric results.

We use high quality disposable cuvettes in our NATA accredited labs, for analysis as well as for validation of our Test Kits. These are the same cuvettes available on our website store for you to purchase.

A few things to consider when next using cuvettes:

• Watch out for scratches or small etches on plastic cuvettes, these can affect your absorbance readings.
• Glass and plastic cuvettes are suitable for use in the visible wavelength range.  Quartz cuvettes should be used for measurements in the UV range.
• Cuvettes have two opaque surfaces for handling purposes.  Avoid touching the optical windows, but if they do become dirty, then wipe with a soft cloth or lens tissue.  Do not wipe with paper tissues as they are abrasive and may leave fibre residue and brightening agents on the optical windows.
• Tap out any air bubbles caught in the solution in the cuvette prior to taking an absorbance reading.
• It is not recommended to wash and reuse plastic disposable cuvettes.

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