Titratable Acidity Starter Pack

Apparatus Module 4T815

1 Electrode, pH, double junction, BNC plug 2E010
1 Electrode holder, flexible arm 2E110
1 Meter, pH, Cube, bench top 2M520
1 Stirrer, Magnetic 2S513

Accessories Module 4T820

4 Beaker, DURAN, 100 ml 2B105
1 Flask, filter, glass,250ml + hose 2F600
1 Measuring cylinder, Class B, 100ml 2M220
1 Pipette, volumetric, Class B, 10ml 2P310
1 Pump, water eductor, chrome plated brass 2P630
1 Stirrer bar, magnetic large 2S508
1 Stirrer bar, magnetic small 2S502
1 Stopper, rubber, 32 mm 2S710
1 Pipette filler, rubber 2P507

Reagents Module 4T825

1 Phenolphthalein, 1%, 100ml 1P030
1 Sodium hydroxide, 0.1M, 1000ml 1S510

Titration Module 4T830

1 Beaker, plastic, 100ml 2B131
1 Beaker, plastic, 250ml 2B132
1 Bottle, wash, distilled water, 500ml 2B196
1 Burette, Dr. Schilling, 25mL 2B425
1 Water, distilled, 1000ml 1W002


The following services/equipment are required to operate this kit:

- Water tap with adapter

- Sink / drain

- Electricity

Nata accredited
Unparalleled Confidence with NATA Accreditation
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